Looking for a new way to rock the Route this year? You can officially ruck the Route for the first time ever! The Williams Route 66 Marathon is proud to announce our partnership with GORUCK as an official rucking event for 2019. Just what is rucking? Rucking is walking with a weighted pack on your back. It’s the cornerstone of special forces training in the United States! Rucking burns three times the calories of walking without the impact of running. In fact, GORUCK calls it “cardio for people who think running sucks.” 

GORUCK also distributes patches to finishers of their officially rucking events, and these patches are always earned – never given! To earn yours, you’ll need to complete the Williams Route 66 Marathon within the time limit of 7 hours (approximately 16:30 per mile pace) wearing an official rucksack meeting GORUCK criteria. You’ll earn our finisher’s medal, too! 

Interested? Click here to register and select “rucking” on the “Choose your desired Individual Division” section. You’ll be good to ruck on race day!

What is Rucking?