Do the Double. Marathon and 5k or Half Marathon and 5kDo the Double. Marathon and 5k or Half Marathon and 5k


Run on the Mother of all Roads.  The Williams Route 66 Marathon showcases the best of what Tulsa has to offer! Start your race in downtown Tulsa, home of the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture outside of Miami, and then make your way through Tulsa’s vibrant and diverse neighborhoods and the campus of Tulsa University. If there’s one thing you can count on at the Williams Route 66 Marathon, it’s tons of on-course support from the local community and plenty of fun. Our neighborhoods host block parties all along the course to welcome and cheer on the runners! The Williams Route 66 Marathon is a USATF certified course and a Boston Qualifier (see Boston Athletics Association for qualifying times)

My First Marathon

If you’ve chosen to run your first marathon at the Williams Route 66 Marathon, you can trust that we’ll make your first time extra special. After all, you will only run your first 26.2 once! We offer a special “My First Marathon” bib and finisher medal for participants who indicate that the 2019 Williams Route 66 Marathon will be their first marathon when registering for the race. The gold-plated beauty of your medal will be yours and yours alone, making your more seasoned marathon friends extra jealous! With 26.2-miles of fun here at Oklahoma’s biggest block party, we know your first marathon will be an experience you’ll never forget!

The  Detour

Take the option to add on an extra 0.3-miles onto your race at the Center of the Universe Detour for the “World’s Shortest Ultramarathon,” or head straight to the finish at Guthrie Green and enjoy the post-race party! Participants who stand at the center of the brick circle (the Center of the Universe) and talk or shout  will hear themselves echo, but others outside the circle will not hear the echo. Crazy! In true Route 66 fashion, you’ll earn a Michelob Ultra beer as your reward and receive a special commemorative coin! The Center of the Universe is also an official Red Bull Zone, and people dressed in costumes will run the detour with you! 

Marathon Maniacs and 50 States Marathon Club

We’re proud to welcome members of the Marathon Maniacs and the 50 States Marathon Club for a marathon-sized reunion each year! No race rolls out the red carpet for these frequent marathoners and half marathoners quite like we do. Click here to get more information about all of the incredible perks we offer FREE to club members!

Do The Double – Marathon and 5k

If the marathon isn’t enough of a challenge, consider signing up for the “the Double!” Participants will receive special pricing on the marathon and 5k when registering for both at the same time. Click here for more information on our 5k event and click here to register!


What is the age limit for the races?

Participants in the marathon must be 16 years of age or older on race day.

What is the course time limit?

All participants finishing the marathon and half marathon within 7.5 hours will receive an official finish time. However, please be advised that the marathon and half marathon course will reopen on a rolling schedule based on a 16:30-minutes-per-mile pace for the last runner to cross the start line. For example, participants should have passed the 2-mile mark 33 minutes after the last runner has crossed the start line, should have passed the 6-mile mark 99 minutes after the final corral has crossed the start line, etc.

The course must reopen to traffic on this schedule in order to be courteous to our community. Participants who are unable to maintain a 16:30-minutes-per-mile pace will be asked to move to the sidewalk at the discretion of our police officers and may not have access to aid stations.


Packet Pickup

Due to the large number of participants in the Williams Route 66 Marathon, race day packet pickup is not available. Please plan accordingly and prepare to pick up your packet at the Health and Fitness Expo. 

The Health and Fitness Expo will be held Friday, November 22, 2019 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. 

The Health and Fitness Expo will be held at:

Cox Business Center

100 Civic Center

Tulsa, OK 74103-3822


Finisher Medals

Participants are sure to experience a few surprises when they visit Tulsa for the Williams Route 66 Marathon, including earning the race’s award-winning finisher medal! Voted “Best Finisher Awards” for 2018 by readers of Oklahoma Sports & Fitness, the Williams Route 66 Marathon draws inspiration from classic hood ornaments from the Route 66 era, a time of adventuring Americans crisscrossing the country with their automobiles. The 2019 design features Art Deco elements combined with style cues from the hood ornaments of early 1940s Cadillacs. “Our medal is both an homage to downtown Tulsa’s incredible Art Deco architecture and a nod to the incredibly rich history of Route 66. The early 1940s Cadillacs were considered the ‘finest’ car to drive during the heyday of the Route 66 era, so it’s only fitting that we showcase them in our Route 66 2019 medal,” Destiny Green, executive director of the Williams Route 66 Marathon, said. Click Here to view the Williams Route 66 Marathon Medal Series.

Participant Swag 

 Much like our world-famous finisher medals, the Williams Route 66 Marathon is known for going above and beyond with our participant swag. We like to mix it up each year, but in recent years we have offered jackets produced in technical fabrics, windbreakers, pullovers, technical hoodies, hooded t-shirts, and more! You’ll never find a boring cotton t-shirt here, that’s for sure! You’ll want to rock your Route 66 Marathon gear on race day and all year-round. Check back soon and discover our 2019 swag!

Marathon Relay

For those participants who want to experience all of the marathon course but aren’t quite ready to complete the entire event, we offer the marathon relay! Teams of five runners complete relay legs of 5-6 miles each and finish the marathon together! Click here to visit the Marathon Relay page for more information.

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