Best Places to Watch

Kathrine Switzer, the first woman ever to official run the Boston Marathon, once said, “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” Just in case that happens to apply to you (or even if it doesn’t), we strongly encourage you to come out and support the Williams Route 66 Marathon participants on race day! Nothing gives these athletes a bigger energy boost than being cheered and high-fived along the way, so come out and show them the hospitality that has made Tulsa famous. We’ve got plenty of easily accessible spots for you!

On the Marathon and Half Marathon Course

There are plenty of spots where you can watch our marathoners and half marathoners race!

  • What better place to feel the excitement and electricity in the air than at the starting line? Hear the national anthem and watch the confetti fly as participants begin their journeys on the course. The start line is located in downtown Tulsa at 7th and Main Streets.
  • Love fall foliage? Cheer on your favorite participant (and everyone else) at Cascia Hall Preparatory School, near 25th Street and Yorktown and Utica Avenues or at Woodward Park, at 21st Street and Peoria Avenue!
  • Looking for a major party? Head to the corner of Woodward Blvd and Hazel Blvd for “Wild on Woodward,” a marathon-sized block party! There will be tons of snacks, music, and we’ve been told there could be a Jell-O shot or two!
  • Another favorite cheering spot among locals and visitors alike is Tulsa’s Brookside area, located on Peoria Avenue between 33rd and 39th Streets. There are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and more to ply you with whatever you need to get your pipes warmed up and ready to cheer!

On the Marathon Course (Miles 13 – 25.5)

Marathoners need love, too! Don’t forget about our marathon participants as they continue on their journeys after splitting from the half marathoners.

  • Kill two birds with one stone by grabbing some delicious brunch and cheering on our marathoners when you hang out in Tulsa’s Blue Dome District (on 1st and 2nd Streets between Detroit and Frankfort Avenues), the East Village (between 2nd and 6th Streets near Lansing and Kenosha), or the ever-popular Cherry Street area on 15th Street between Peoria and Utica Avenues.
  • Visit our BRAND NEW party location at 6th and Peoria, where you’ll be able to catch our marathoners twice! Spot them at miles 14 and 24 while you enjoy plenty of space to spread out, live music, and more! This is the place to watch your athletes during the toughest part of the race!
  • The University of Tulsa is another great cheering spot, especially at “The U” near 11th Street and Tucker Drive. There is plenty of parking and excellent viewing near the all-important 20-mile mark as runners start really digging deep.

At the Finish Line

Everyone loves to watch as someone achieves their dreams, right? If that sounds great to you, position yourself at the marathon finish line. With the finish line located at Guthrie Green in the Tulsa Arts District, fans will enjoy lining the District’s streets from First Street, through the Center of the Universe Detour, along Archer Street near Boulder Avenue to Cameron Street to see racers approach the finish line.

In addition to the excitement of watching participants cross the line, there will be an epic finish line party at Guthrie Green complete with great music, a car show, and plenty of other sights and sounds for all ages! Tulsa Arts District businesses will be open and ready to serve participants and spectators alike!

Check out the course maps for more possibilities on where you can spectate! Help us ROCK THE ROUTE on race day!