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Marathon Relay Information



The Williams Route 66 Marathon Relay is a five-leg relay event that follows the same course as the marathon. Each relay team must have between three and five participants; runners can run more than one consecutive leg of the relay. To be considered eligible for the Mixed division, mixed teams must have at least two female participants. For the Masters division, all members of a team must be 40 or older.



You’ll know a Relay exchange zone when you see one, as they will be clearly delineated by cones and fencing, not to mention tons of people and crowds! As runners approach the relay exchange zones, relay runners will be directed to the right side of the course and Marathon and Half-Marathon runners will be directed to keep left.

Leg Distance* Start Finish
1 5.15 miles 7th and Main St Woodward Park
2 5.6 miles Woodward Park 21st and Riverside Dr
3 5 miles 21st and Riverside Dr 19th and St Louis Ave
4 5 miles 19th and St Louis Ave 6th and Gary Ave
5 5.45 miles 6th and Gary Ave Guthrie Green
*All distances are approximate


Important: Relay team members must keep the exchange zones and the marathon course clear. In order to reach exchange zones 1 and 3, it will be necessary to cross the course. Relay participants are responsible for getting across the course safely and without interfering with other participants; course marshals will be in place to assist. Please be careful of the traffic and considerate of other runners – no one wants to be cut off on the way to a PR attempt!



Your timing device is attached to your team’s relay race bib, which is attached to an elastic belt. Each runner must wear the belt while running their leg(s) of the relay and then hand it to your team member when you reach the relay exchange point. Be careful not to remove the tag from the bib. Wear the bib number visibly on your chest/torso. Do not fold or crumple the bib. Be sure to cross all timing mats during the race.


Be aware of the conditions! Sunday’s weather is expected to be cold but sunny, so dress appropriately for the wait. There is no shelter at the exchange zones. Water and portable restrooms will be available near each exchange zone, but other food and beverages are the responsibility of the participants. We recommend that the relay team have a clothing bag at each zone so that the finishing runner will have warm, dry clothes to put on when he or she is finished running. The runner beginning the next leg is then able to leave their extra clothes with the finishing runner to bring to the finisher’s area. There is no organized gear check at the relay exchange zones. Each team and team member is responsible for their own gear.  Volunteers are not able to be responsible for returning gear left behind on the bus or in the exchange zones.



Shuttle buses will be provided from the Guthrie Green Shuttle Hub near the intersection of Boston Avenue and Archer Street to the relay exchanges zones. You must be wearing a Marathon Relay race number to board the bus. Spectators are not allowed on the Marathon Relay shuttle buses. There is no shuttle service from one exchange point to another.

The Marathon Relay shuttle buses will leave approximately every 30 minutes as needed. You should arrive at the Guthrie Green Shuttle Hub at least one hour before you expect to start running your leg of the relay to ensure that you have plenty of time to make it to your relay zone. All relay participants are responsible for getting to the exchange zones on time, as the timing of the shuttle service cannot be guaranteed.



Medals will be awarded to relay participants as they arrive at their relay exchange zone upon finishing their relay leg. Only participants completing the final relay leg will be able to pick up their medals at the finish line. Participants who are completing multiple legs of the relay may pick up their medals at their final exchange zone upon finishing their relay leg.


Members of the relay team have a separate relay entrance to the finisher’s chute, located just past the medal collection area, by which to access finish line food and beverages. You must be wearing your race bib in order to access the finisher’s area. All participants will be able to take photos with their medals, get finisher food and drinks, and enjoy the finisher’s area! However, only participants completing the final leg of the relay will access the finisher’s area by crossing the finish line. Everyone else must utilize the separate entrance by showing their bib.

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