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Introducing the 2018 Route 66 Marathon finisher’s medal!

We are excited to present the 2018 Williams Route 66 Marathon finisher’s medal, the Goddess of Victory! Our now-famous goddess is reaching relentlessly forward atop a standing base, just like you do as you push forward to achieve your goals!  The “Goddess of Victory” herself is inspired by a 1930s Bugatti hood emblem, while the V-shaped base honors Tulsa’s vibrant art deco history.

All finishers of the 2018 events will receive one of these fantastic goddesses, with medal sizes increasing in relation to the distance raced. Most exciting of all? All of our goddesses spin on their bases, no matter which race distance you complete!

The Goddess of Victory is reaching for her goals and pressing forward relentlessly, so why shouldn’t you? All good things must come to an end, though, so this year’s goddess is the last in the Williams Route 66 Marathon’s “goddess of the road” series. Don’t miss your chance to grab your goddess! Register for the 2018 Williams Route 66 Marathon at

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