Thousands of people around the world will train for months to get to the Williams Route 66 Marathon. However, without the help of volunteers, these individuals are unable to cross the starting line, much less the finish line, which is why we need you to be a HERO to our participants and help them to achieve their goals.

Coordinating a successful marathon is a major undertaking that is simply not possible without the heart and soul of more than 2,000 volunteers.

From humor to encouragement, every volunteer brings his or her own personality to the race. Whether passing out t-shirts, passing out water or awarding competitors with a medal, each role is equally important – and rewarding. Volunteers at the Williams Route 66 Marathon return to assist year after year, making lifelong friends and creating moments that last forever.

Volunteers can also rest assured that their efforts enhance Tulsa and its local economy. The races have an economic impact of approximately $8 million dollars each year. As an added bonus, the Williams Route 66 Marathon benefits the following local charities.

All volunteers will receive the following:

  • Volunteer Coin
  • Williams Route 66 Marathon Volunteer T-Shirt
  • Invitation to our annual Volunteer Thank You Party