Do the Double. Marathon and 5k or Half Marathon and 5kDo the Double. Marathon and 5k or Half Marathon and 5k

Marathon Relay Information

They say teamwork makes the dream work, and we’ll give you a chance to prove it at the 2019 Williams Route 66 Marathon Relay! The marathon relay will be held on November 24, 2019 and will start with the marathon and half marathon at 8 am. The marathon relay is comprised of five legs and follows the same course as the marathon. A participant may opt to complete more than one leg of the relay; however, all relay teams must have between three and five participants. There are three types of teams: all male, all female, and mixed (at least two female participants). In order to qualify for the Masters division, all members of a team must be 40 years of age or older.


Relay Exchange Zones

All relay exchange zones will be clearly marked with cones, fencing, and signage. As participants approach the relay exchange zones, relay participants will be directed to the right side of the course, and marathon and half marathon participants will be directed to keep left.


Exchange Zone Safety

It is extremely important that relay team members keep the exchange zones and the course clear. It will be necessary to cross the course to get to exchange zones 1 and 3. Relay participants are responsible for getting across the street safely and for crossing the course without interfering with any other participants. Course marshals will be there to guide you across the course, but please be careful of the traffic and considerate of the other participants!


Marathon Relay Exchange Zones – While You Wait

Tulsa weather is anything but predictable! While we wish we had a crystal ball to tell you what to wear on race day, your best bet is to check the conditions race weekend and dress appropriately for the wait. Whether that means you need to bundle up or bring your rain gear, make sure you’re prepared, because there will be limited, if any, shelter at the exchange zones. However, water and portable restrooms will be available near each exchange zone. We recommend packing a bag with warm, dry clothing for the runner that will be finishing at your exchange zone so that he/she can change after completing his/her leg.You can then shed your extra layers and give them to the team member who will be returning to the start/finish area. No matter how you decide to handle the logistics, please remember that gear transfer is the responsibility of you and your teammates. Volunteers will not be responsible for transporting gear left on relay buses.


 Relay Exchange Zones 


Marathon Relay Numbers and Timing Tag

While you might think of “passing the baton” when you’re participating in a marathon relay, our system is a little bit different. The timing device for relay participants is attached to an ankle strap. Relay participants must wear the ankle strap while completing their leg of the relay and give it to the next team member to where upon reaching the relay exchange point.

All marathon relay participants will be issued a race number. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Wear the bib visibly on the front of your body – if you’re wearing a top layer that you may take off, consider pinning the bib to your pants/shorts!
  • Do not fold or crumple the bib.
  • Race numbers are non-transferable and may only be worn by the participant to whom they are assigned for safety reasons.

All relay participants will also receive a bib that reads “RELAY.” Please wear this bib visibly across the back while running/walking.


Relay Shuttles

NOTE: Relay shuttles are for marathon relay participants only. No spectators will be allowed on the shuttles.

Participants in the marathon relay who are completing the second, third, fourth, and fifth legs of the relay should board the shuttle buses provided at Guthrie Green Shuttle Hub near the intersection of Boston Avenue and Archer Street. The shuttle buses will take participants to each of the relay exchange zones. Shuttle buses are for participants only, so you must be wearing a marathon relay race number to board the bus. Spectators will not be allowed to board. Participants are also not able to ride the shuttle between exchange points.

The marathon relay shuttle buses will leave from the Guthrie Green Shuttle Hub approximately every 30 minutes as needed. We recommend arriving at the Shuttle Hub at least one hour before you expect to start running your leg of the relay, as we cannot guarantee the timing of the relay shuttle service. You are responsible for getting to your exchange zone on time, so plan accordingly!


Finish Area Access – Finisher Food and Photo

Marathon relay athletes completing the first, second, third, or fourth legs of the relay will access the finishers’ chute through a separate relay entrance, located just past the medal collection area. This separate entrance will allow relay participants access to finish line food and beverages. Marathon relay team members MUST be wearing their race bibs in order to access the finishers’ area. All participants will be able to take individual and team photos with their medals, get finisher food and drinks, and enjoy the finishers’ area! However, only participants completing the final leg of the relay will access the finishers’ area by crossing the finish line. Everyone else must utilize the separate entrance by showing their bib. Trust us, this keeps things running smoothly and avoids confusion! NOTE: MARATHON RELAY PARTICIPANTS MAY ONLY ENTER THE FINISHERS’ AREA ONCE. Relay participants must exchange the tab that says “One Food Tent” on their bibs in order to gain access to the finisher’s area. Please time your visit to the food tent accordingly if you plan to have your team photo taken!

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