Please read carefully before registering for any event.

To produce a world class marathon, the Williams Route 66 Marathon must coordinate our efforts and plan well in advance, making it difficult and costly to make changes after registration. Medals, bibs, shirts and other items are ordered months before the race and purchased according to the original information provided during registration. Many items are personalized to the individual and the race. 

No Refunds, No Exceptions

Planning a marathon of this size and scale requires the payment of permitting fees, materials, and other non-refundable costs up from. As a result and similar to other races in the industry, the Williams Route 66 Marathon does not offer refunds of registration fees for any reason. In addition, certain release forms and emergency content are specific to the individual participant. Transferring such information would be a liability to the participant and the marathon. This policy applies to individuals with injuries, unexpected business, family emergencies, etc. The Williams Route 66 Marathon does not offer refunds for ANY reason.  There are no exceptions. 

No Size Guarantee after October 1

In order to ensure that our participant premiums arrive in time for race day, orders must be placed significantly ahead of race weekend.  As a result, the Williams Route 66 Marathon cannot guarantee the requested size of shirts, jackets, etc. requested by participants registering after October 1.

The Williams Route 66 Marathon is expected to sell out.

About Deferrals and Race Transfers

We get it- things happen! Sometimes we get injured, get too busy with work, or just can’t train the way we hoped for one reason or another. Sometimes, training goes even better than planned! We have a brand new policy for deferrals and race transfers this year, so please read carefully.

Race Upgrades/Downgrades

If your training is going better (or worse) than you expected, you’ve got options! You can upgrade your registration to a longer distance or downgrade to a shorter distance. Participants who upgrade prior to October 1 will pay only the difference in registration fees between the two races at the time of registration. Those who downgrade prior to October 1 will pay no fees. Anyone who upgrades or downgrades on or later than October 1 will be charged a $25 fee and the difference in registration fees, if applicable.

Race Deferrals

Life happens, and training doesn’t always go as planned. If you need to miss the Williams Route 66 Marathon this year but you would like to participate in next year’s event, you may defer your registration to the following year’s event before October 1. Deferral fees are assessed as follows: Marathon – $50, Half Marathon – $40, 5k – $20, Doubles – $50. 

A deferral registration may NOT be deferred to another year under any circumstances.

Race Transfer to Another Participant

We know how disappointing it is to have to miss out on your race, but don’t sweat the change in plans. You can transfer your registration to someone else. All you need to do is enter their name and email address and we’ll take care of the rest! Your registration won’t officially be transferred until they accept and register. The recipient will be charged a one-time fee of $30 to accept your registration.

NOTE: The Williams Route 66 Marathon does not offer refunds under any circumstances. This includes job transfers, injury, common cold or any other reason. 


All participants must pickup their packets at the Williams Route 66 Marathon Health, Fitness and Sustainability Expo.


Packets cannot be mailed to participants.

Participants unable to participate or get to packet pickup can have someone else pick up their packet. Their representative must show a signed copy of the participant’s registration confirmation to pick up the packet.

The Williams Route 66 Marathon does not ship internationally for awards.