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POst Race Party

Get your party on post-race!

You’ve heard us call the Williams Route 66 Marathon a 26.2-mile party, but it’s actually a little bit more than that! Our epic post-race party, presented by the Tulsa Sports Commission, is the place to be after you cross the finish line.  Lucky for you, you don’t have to go very far to get there!…

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We love our volunteers!

It’s almost November, which means race month is nearly here. I bet you know what we’re about to say…it’s time to sign up to volunteer for the Williams Route 66 Marathon again if you haven’t already! The 2019 Williams Route 66 Marathon presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma is poised to be…

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Why Running in the Winter is Awesome

You may not know it yet, but running in the winter is awesome! In fact, some runners (myself included) believe that running in the winter is the best part of the year. Sure, it’s cold, icy, dark, and you probably can’t feel at least one part of your body at any given time, and it…

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route 66 marathon photos

Announcing Free Race Photos Courtesy of Route 66 Chevrolet of Tulsa!

You’ve trained hard all summer to run or walk your way across that finish line in November, and now, we’ve got an exciting way for you to hold onto your memories of race day! For the first time ever, the Williams Route 66 Marathon will be offering all participants FREE race photos thanks to Route…

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Mr. Center of the Universe detour

Mr. and Ms. Center of the Universe

In case the free beer from Nine Band and extra bling aren’t incentive enough to take the Center of the Universe Detour during the Williams Route 66 Marathon, we’ve brought back another great reason to try the 0.3-mile detour. The first man and first woman to reach the Center of the Universe Detour on race…

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Route 66 Marathon

The Importance of Incorporating Hills Into Your Training Program

I’ll be the first to admit that I have been known to try and avoid (or at least minimize) the hills in my neighborhood on the occasional training run. Let’s face it, hills kind of suck – especially in the beginning of a training season when you aren’t necessarily in your best shape yet. The…

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Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa Oklahoma

How to Set Realistic Running Goals

We’re just a couple of months away from the Williams Route 66 Marathon, which means you might be starting to think about your goals for race day. Most people use goals to help us improve in our everyday lives, and runners are no different. In fact, setting goals as a runner can be overwhelming because…

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Nurturing a New Running Buddy

If you’ve got a loved one that you’re dying to run with, there’s nothing more exciting than that magical day when they finally decide to lace up their shoes! Whether you’re hoping a friend will start running to improve their health, or you’d just like to find a hobby that you and your significant other…

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Route 66 Marathon Snags Rudy from Disney

Introducing the Voice of America’s Marathons, Rudy Novotny!

The Williams Route 66 Marathon is thrilled to announce the addition of Rudy Novotny, the “Voice of America’s Marathons,” to our team! Rudy has signed on as the new race announcer for 2019, working in tandem with Route 66 veteran Mark Bravo. Keep an ear out on race morning, because you might be surprised to…

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Route 66 Marathon 5k Finisher

Keeping Your Running Resolution

If you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, you know they’re easy to make and hard to keep, especially if you’ve been drinking when that brilliant idea hits you. Resolutions to change don’t only happen at the new year, though. In fact, by committing to training for the 2019 Williams Route 66 Marathon, you’ve just…

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