Route 66 Marathon

Go Ruck Route 66 Marathon patch Tulsa


Looking for a new way to rock the Route this year? You can officially ruck the Route for the first time ever! The Williams Route 66 Marathon is proud to announce our partnership with GORUCK as an official rucking event for 2019. Just what is rucking? Rucking is walking with a weighted pack on your…

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The Trick to Acclimating to Heat

Hate running in the heat and humidity every summer? You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.  While some people love running in the heat (so I’m told), many runners are riding the struggle bus from May through August as they struggle to adjust to the soaring temperatures and stifling dampness in the air. Have…

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We’ve all been there: you hear about a race that sounds awesome, but you’d have to travel to get there. When you start adding up the costs, it seems out of reach, so you put it off til next year. With so many fantastic events around the United States and the world, it’s no wonder…

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Route 66 Marathon Medal


We can’t wait to watch you ROCK the Route and make it to the finish line in November! We’ll be waiting for you, but more importantly, so will our 2019 finisher’s medal! Drum roll, please… The Williams Route 66 Marathon is proud to present the 2019 finisher’s medal! This year’s medal features Art Deco elements…

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My First Half Marathon

If you’ve noticed those shiny gold “My First Marathon” medals hanging around at the finish line of our previous races, then you already know we’ve been making first marathons special for years. This year, we’re proud to honor first time half marathoners in the same way! For the first time ever, we will feature a…

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