Hello my name is Kasey! I’m from the surrounding Tulsa area. I wanted to be a Route 66 Marathon Ambassador because it changed my whole view on running a marathon. I participated in the Route 66 5K this past November 2019 and it was incredible. The staff, volunteers, the crowd, and participants were so encouraging and uplifting. It made the experience fun and electrifying. Running and participating in races has made a great impact on my life. I started running 5k’s earlier this year (2019). I broke my leg in a horse riding accident in November 2016 and had to have a second surgery in 2017. No longer able to compete in Rodeo and Barrel racing, I decided I needed a healthy hobby instead of going out with friends every night of the week. I randomly signed up for a local 5k and I was hooked! I haven’t looked back since. I signed up for as many races I could possibly do. My original plan was to start training for a half marathon because I had no interest in going the full distance, until the Route 66 Marathon. I was in the crowd supporting the half and full runners and watched all the encouraging live videos of all the runners finishing and seeing how supportive the staff is by staying until the last runner has crossed the finish line no matter what time they came in. Just that simple act of kindness touched my heart and made me tear up. I saw how much everyone cared and that is why I wanted to be a Route 66 Marathon Ambassador!