My name is Heather Puckett. I’m originally from Broken Arrow (basically Tulsa) and I live in OKC now. I am so excited to have the opportunity to join the ambassador team to represent my hometown race, which happens to also be my PR.
The 2016 Route 66 half marathon was my first half marathon. I cried at the beginning and then I cried as I crossed the finish line. Route 66 will always hold a very special place in my heart. I have run it every year since my first and I cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Running the Route 66 half gave me the confidence to know I could accomplish something that had once seemed impossible. I love the hills and finding new places to train for them around OKC. Since my beginning, I have completed 27 half marathons (& counting) and I’m 8 states into my 50 state challenge. Through all of the training and racing, I found a love of running, coaching, & pacing. I’m actively involved in the OKC Running community- I’m on the Board of Directors for the OKC Landrunners, a pacing coach and race team member for Red Coyote & I’m in the process of finishing up my RRCA coaching certification. I can’t wait to see where this running season will take us.