Hey friends! I’m Faith! First, I would like to acknowledge the land that we run on when racing for the Route 66 Marathon. This land was traditionally Muscogee Creek land which predates Oklahoma statehood. The city of Tulsa is a Muscogee Creek word derived from Tallahassee which means “New Town.” It was shortened to Tvlse, and eventually became Tulsa. As a Muscogee Creek woman, I feel it is always important to acknowledge that part of Tulsa’s history and it certainly is an honor to be an ambassador for this historic marathon on traditional Mvskoke land.

I have been running for 9 years and it started as a challenge to myself after I had my son. I was hooked after my first 5k race. I have run the Route 66 half three times and ran my first marathon in 2018 with my (then) boyfriend who is now my husband. We met running on Riverside in 2018 and he was a huge encouragement to me to pursue my dream of finishing a marathon while also training for and running it with me. I also love a good themed run and wearing fun, glittery outfits for races!

Running has always been a great parallel for my life experiences and I hope to share that with you all as an ambassador this year. Good luck running and training for YOUR race and hope to see you on the Route!