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Featured Entertainer: Kirkland Field

June is here, and summer is in full swing! When you find yourself on the patio of Tulsa's Los Cabos Cantina or on the Baker Street Pub dance floor, and you feel uncontrollably compelled to just bust a move, chances are it’s because of Kirkland Field. Kirkland Field is one of Tulsa’s newest bands to hit the music scene. This pop/rock cover band, based out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, will play anything from the 70's to current hits.


Kirkland Field is comprised of Jamey Hooper on keyboards and vocals, Tracey Grass on keyboards and vocals, Tammy Grass on bass, Rod Matlock on drums, and Pat Talbot on guitar and vocals. They have come together to bring a new energy to the Tulsa music scene and are excited to be a part of the Williams Route 66 Marathon experience. Route 66 Marathon Entertainment Director Dante Schmitz recently sat down with Kirkland Field’s Jamey Hooper to learn more about who they are and what they do. 


Q: “Tell us a little bit about the background of the band. Who is in Kirkland Field and where do they come from?"

A: “It started a couple of years ago after an eighties party we had. I like to throw parties and I thought, why not call up some of the people I’ve played with over the years in various other bands and put together four or five songs for the party? We practiced one time at my house, and we just threw it together. But it worked and it was great and everybody had such a good time that afterwards we said; hey would you be interested in doing this in the future? Maybe make some money playing around town? And everybody was all for it. So about six or eight months later we called everyone up and had a meeting to get things rolling.”

Q: “Where is Kirkland Field and what’s the significance to the band?”

A: “Everybody in the band except Rod graduated from Broken Arrow, and that’s where we got the name Kirkland Field. It’s from the old high school football field. That’s what it was called, and we all had played on it in some way. I played football and the rest of the band marched on the field with the Broken Arrow Pride marching band. So that was the common denominator that we all had, and it was the only name we could all agree on because it had so much history for all of us.”

Q: “Is Kirkland Field still there?”

A: “Now it’s the north intermediate campus for the 9th and 10th grade. Unfortunately I think they’re actually gonna tear the thing down in the next couple years, so we were happy to grab that name because it has such a home town feel, you know.”

Q: “I know you guys started out doing 80’s covers for the party, but have you branched out from there? Have you incorporated any other genres into your sets?”

A: “Now we do everything from the seventies to current hits. But eighties new wave was our particular thing that we all kind of grew up with and all really loved to do. So that’s where we started. We did a lot of Til Tuesday, U2, Prince, and other stuff like that. That was kind of our niche, and since then we’ve expanded the set to do a lot of other material.”

Q: “So are any members of the band also runners?”

A: “Actually no. But our bass player, Tammy’s husband Brett, is a marathoner. So she follows him to a lot of his marathons and really does a lot to support him in that. “

Q: “Let’s talk about what you guys have coming up next. What does the summer look like for you guys?”

A: “We’ve got a lot of shows planned at Los Cabos in Jenks and Broken Arrow. Also, June 1st we’re playing a benefit concert for an orphanage in Uganda at Stone Canyon in Owasso.”

Q: “Can you give me a quote for our runners? Does Kirkland Field have any words of wisdom for our runners at their 20-mile marker, when they hit their wall?”

A: “Push through the wall! I’m not a runner, but I admire anybody who can run that distance. The only time I would run that far would be if someone was chasing me for my life!”

Q: “Well thank you so much for your time and thanks so much for bringing your music to the runners this year. We really look forward to hearing you guys along the course.”

For more information about Kirkland Field, visit facebook.com/KirklandField where you can also find a listing of all their upcoming performances. Watch for them on the course as you run the Williams Route 66 Marathon this fall. 


Do you have what it takes to perform at the Williams Route 66 Marathon on Nov. 17-18? Contact Dante Schmitz at dante@route66.spherexx.com to find out.



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