Run and eat happily! Exclusive Digital Coupon from Whole Foods Market

We all know that your performance on race day is determined long before you ever step up to the starting line. After all, why else would you spend so many hours training and refueling after your runs? Training and nutrition are the two of the most important factors determining performance on race day. While many of us spend hours per week planning for, preparing, and completing their training sessions, nutrition is often taken for granted or overlooked entirely. Poor nutrition can jeopardize all the hours and days of hard training!

Preparing nutritious meals isn’t just about making sure you’re not eating too much or too little – the quality of your food counts, too! That’s why the Williams Route 66 Marathon has partnered with Whole Foods Market.  Quality Standards are in place every day in every aisle at Whole Foods Market. No hydrogenated fats or artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners are allowed!

Every week, Whole Foods Market features more than 2,000 items on sale. You can enjoy additional savings through printed coupon booklets, one-day and three-day sales and the Whole Foods Market app, which offers digital coupons. We want to make sure you’re fueled up right and ready to go! To help you get started on saving right away, use the coupon below. Run and eat happily!