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iPhone app adds convenience to events

Need race details at your fingertips? There’s an app for that!  

Williams Route 66 Marathon is excited to announce their first app presented by WPX Energy. The app offers details on the events, places, news, runners, course maps, sponsors, social networks and other information. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Download your app today using the links below!
Williams Route 66 Marathon App (Apple)

Williams Route 66 Marathon App (Android)

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Learn more about the features…



A listing of all events that take place over the weekend of the event with a description and directions to each event.


A listing of area businesses that may be of interest to a participant or offer a discount such as hotels, restaurants, stores or bars.


Keeps participants up to date on all of your news before, during, and after the events .

Course maps

Map of each event course using Google maps. Course maps include mile markers, water stops, ideal spectator points, medical stops and entertainment along the course. We’ll also pull the hotels and parking categories from your places and put them on the maps using icons. Users can turn all of these separate categories on and off.

Tracking – Premium Feature!

This feature allows a user to look up a participant and view the event they’re participating in, their bib number, corral or wave, age and finishing time. They can then “favorite” this participant for easy access to them later.

Our tracking feature includes an actual course map with all of the mile markers. A green dot on the start line represents the runner that the user is tracking. Prior to participating in the race, a runner should put in their estimated goal time in the “Runner” section of the app. We use their goal time to set their pace along the course route until we receive the first actual real-time split from your timer. Once we receive real data, we adjust the position of the the runner and adjust their pace to move along the course route at their real-time pace. We do this at each split so spectators can track their runner as accurately as possible. There is a disclaimer at the top that lets spectators know that the information provided is an estimated location and pace.

On race day, we’ll receive all participants’ official start times, splits and finishing times from your timer and push them to the app. Their real-time splits will appear scrolling to the right of the course map.

Results – Premium Feature!

Participants and spectators can search for any participant and instantly get their chip time, clock time, overall place, gender place and age group place. They’ll also be able to view their actual splits that we received from the timer.

Runners – Premium Feature!

Participants can go into this section, look themselves up and claim their registration. Only one runner per event per phone can be claimed. Once a runner claims their registration, they can set their goal time and connect their Facebook and/or Twitter account.

On race day, when we receive their splits and finishing time, we’ll push that information to their connected social media accounts. The information will appear as “Jane has just crossed the 5K split of the XYZ Race in 20:12.” We’ll also include a logo from the race.

Live – Premium Feature!

Spectators can view the “Leaderboard” at each split of each event separately. For example, when a user goes into the “Live” feature, they’ll see the list of events, Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. When they click on half marathon, they’ll be able to break down the leaders by “all, male or female”. As the race progresses, they’ll be able to view the top 25 overall, male or female leaders at each split.