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Laughlin lives it up

Weight loss blogger makes appearance at the Williams Route 66 MarathonYMCA kids pose for photo with Blue Cross' mascot, Blaze the Dragon

Come meet popular blogger Mama Laughlin at the Williams Route 66 Marathon Health, Fitness & Sustainability Expo on Saturday, Nov. 17. When Mama Laughlin is not writing about her healthy new lifestyle, she living it. In her blog entries, she documents her day-to-day life, weight loss, fashion and recipes – all while inspiring others along the way. As a full-time working mother of two boys, she defied the odds and lost more than 60 pounds, and she documented the entire transformation.

Part of that positive transformation is due to her passion for running. From weight loss to running with a double stroller to long distance training, this mother has done it all – and proved that you can “have it all.” This working mom also looks forward to spinning and zumba classes.

So what kind of unique advice does this Texan offer long distance runners? “People watch. It makes the miles go by faster,” said Mama Laughlin. And don’t forget your fuzzy house slippers. “Your feet will thank you.” She also has some encouragement for beginners, “Don’t worry about what others think of you, just get out there and get your sweat on – and FIX IT!”

Participants can meet Mama Laughlin at the expo on Saturday, Nov. 17 and run beside on her on Sunday, Nov. 18 during the half marathon. To learn more about Mama Laughlin, visit her blog at