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“Team Eitan” Blog

The Williams Route 66 Marathon is proud to host Israeli Eitan Hermon, amputee and runner who will participate in the 2012 marathon. Read below to follow Hermon in his first blog entry.



My name is Eitan Hermon, and I live in my homeland of Israel, where my grandparents moved after the Holocaust. I began running at the age of 10, when I saw my big brother run in race. In time, I joined a Galil Elion team, and running became my favorite sport. It changed my life.

During the second Lebanese war, I served as a Miloeim soldier. I was injured in the field of Lebanon, right when we went home for rest before entering into Lebanon again.

Our Achzarit tank drove off the road, and I suffered an injury that prohibited me from running. After researching and considering how my life would be without running, I decided to undergo an operation that would allow me to keep running with the help of prosthesis.

In Israel, running is considered to be a hobby, but with the help of TIKVOT, I am becoming a professional runner. TIKVOT is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that rehabilitates Israel’s victims of terror through sport. My coach, Yaeir Karni, helps me stick to a competitive training schedule. Of course, with Israel’s hot temperatures, I generally go on my training runs in the early mornings.

I have run six marathons with my prosthetic leg. At the Berlin Marathon, I finished with a personal best time of 03:02:14. It is currently the second best record in the world in my category of amputees. The 2012 Williams Route 66 Marathon will be my first race in America, and I am looking forward to it!