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Half marathoner to receive distinguished title at Route 66 events

Among the most prestigious runners competing in the Williams Route 66 Marathon events, Maureen Bowen of Raleigh, North Carolina, will be completing her 50th and final state in a Half Marathon Challenge. It all began with her original goal, set three years ago, to compete in 50 states by her 50th birthday in July 2014.”I’m very excited to cross the finish line with so many other Half Fanatics, Marathon Maniacs, 50 States Half Marathon and 50 States Marathon Club members,” said Bowen.Bowen continues to progress in her running, as she trains with Raleigh Galloway Training Group. She recently PR-ed in South Dakota with a time of 2:27 on a half marathon. She is also 1 of 14 individuals with the title of being a 10 Moon Half Fanatic. Her new fitness lifestyle has also had a positive effect on her health as well. Since she began running, Bowen has lost approximately 100 pounds and will soon start her next goal of 100 half marathons.

“Maureen has such a wonderful outlook and is really looking forward to Tulsa,” said friend, Sandy Kellenberger.

We look forward to seeing Maureen accomplish this huge milestone in November. Whether it is your fifth race or your 50th race, there is always reason to celebrate – and we’d like to be there when you do! Register today.