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Featured Entertainer: Promo Dave & the Haters

Urban Dictionary defines a hater as, “one who simply cannot be happy for another person’s success.”  But like a true music artist, Promo Dave defines a hater as, “one who simply cannot stop rocking until your face melts off.” So if at some point along the course of the Williams Route 66 Marathon you feel like your face might be melting off, it’s likely a hater is to blame.

Promo Dave and the Haters are comprised of Dave Hays on bass and lead vocals, KC Lupp on the keys and backing vocals, Chris Gann (kokomo) on drums, Ted Scott on lead guitar and Ben Hosterman also on lead guitar. That’s right, there are two lead guitarists, which adds to the “rocking your face off” effect. Route 66 Marathon Entertainment Director Dante Schmitz recently sat down with the Hater’s Ted Scott, to talk a little bit about the band and what they hope to bring to the marathon this year.

Q: “Tell me a little bit about the background of the band. Who are the Haters, and where do they come from?”

A: “I came into the band a little later, so I didn’t get to see the haters from the beginning. But originally it was just Dave, Chris and KC. They worked together as a three piece for a while and eventually picked up Ben on the guitar. I met them through a mutual friend who I played with in another band. I was at a cookout with the Haters and Dave casually asked me if I wanted to play in the band because Ben was too busy to play with the Haters. Before long, Ben asked if he could come back and play with the band again because he had so much fun working with everyone.”

Q: “Who are some of your major influences? Do you have any favorite concerts?”

A: “The Muse, Dredg, Black Sabbath, Mr. Bungle, I listen to a lot of different stuff but mostly gravitate towards heavier rock bands. We like to make music that we our friends will enjoy listening to as much as we will enjoy playing.  I recently went to a Deftones concert at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. Everything sounded really big, and their music was so powerful live.”

Q: “Are you a runner? How do you think it will affect your performance at the marathon?”

A: “Yes. I am a runner. I also like to bike along Riverside as much as I can. I think it will help me get into our race day performance – being a runner.”

Q: “What do you guys have coming up on the horizon? Do you have plans for a new record anytime soon?”

A: “We’ll be playing on the 4th of July at the finish line during the Firecracker 5K, and we also will be playing at the Route 66 Marathon’s First Mile training kickoff event happening at Fleet Feet Sports Blue Dome on July 9. We try and book at least one show a month in Tulsa, usually at a place called the Hunt Club. We don’t currently have plans to record in the near future. Dave has been working on some rough tracks, but nothing solid right now.”

To learn more about Promo Dave and the Haters, visit or check out their Facebook page. The band will be featured along the course at the Williams Route 66 Marathon in November and will also be rockin’ the stage at our “First Mile” training kickoff event on July 9.

Do you have what it takes to perform at the Williams Route 66 Marathon on Nov. 17-18? Contact Dante Schmitz at to find out.