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Run the Center of the Universe Detour

Runners participating in the 2011 Williams Route 66 Marathon again have a special opportunity to run to The Center of the Universe, a unique attraction for both Tulsans and tourists.  Marathon participants have the option to take a 0.3-mile detour to visit the landmark, located at approximately mile 16.5 of the marathon course.

Located on the Boston Avenue pedestrian overpass between 1st Street and Archer, the Center of the Universe is marked with a brick sidewalk inlay.  The distinctive quality is an eerie echo that is heard by someone standing in the center of the circle. Participants who stand at the center of the brick circle and talk will hear themselves echo, but others outside the circle can hear no such echo.

“The Center of the Universe is a fun and special feature of downtown Tulsa,” said Chris Lieberman, executive director of Tulsa Route 66 Marathon, Inc. “It’s a bit off the course, but we wanted to provide our marathon runners a chance to visit this piece of Tulsa.  In doing so, we also wanted to reward them for their effort.”

Participants taking the detour will receive a custom 2.5-inch colorful coin with the Center of the Universe Detour logo to commemorate the extra steps.

MarathonFoto will also have a photographer on site to memorialize their visit to the Center of the Universe, and the band Klondike5 will be playing on site.

The detour is completely optional, and signs will mark the course deviation for runners.  No time adjustments will be made for those runners taking advantage of this experience.