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Biggest Loser Danny Cahill to run Williams Route 66 events

Danny Cahill, Broken Arrow resident and winner of NBC’s Biggest Loser Season Eight, is slated to run two events during the Williams Route 66 marathon weekend on Nov. 19-20.  Cahill, who is the Biggest Loser in the show’s history, is set to run the 5K on Saturday, Nov. 19 and the half marathon on Sunday, Nov. 20.

In addition to participating in the races, Cahill is speaking at the Williams Route 66 Marathon Health, Fitness and Sustainability Expo, presented by St. John Health System, on Saturday, Nov. 19, and at the official Pasta Party at the Cain’s Ballroom that evening.  His comments will focus on how to make choices  that can improve a person’s health and fitness and how to get off of the couch.  He will also share some more personal stories about his family.

“I am not a runner by skill or expertise, I am a runner by choice,” Cahill said.  “I love to get outdoors and go on a journey.  I’m looking forward to running with people that need inspiration [in the Williams Route 66 races.]”

Cahill finished his first marathon as part of the Biggest Loser.  Since, he has also finished the Boston Marathon as a charity runner.  He is currently training for his third full marathon.

Cahill now travels and works as a motivational speaker to inspire others to do something they never thought possible.  Locally, Cahill is working with marathon title sponsor Williams to speak for the company’s wellness initiative.

“Too many people are sitting there doing nothing, like I was for 17 years,” Cahill said.  “They are wasting precious time [and not] living their missions.  It is my job to inspire some of them to get up, dust off their regrets and get moving.”  Cahill believes this is what the Biggest Loser did for him, and he’s now paying it forward.

Cahill’s motto is, “do a little more today than yesterday.  Then repeat that process tomorrow.”

Cahill runs at a pace of about 10-minute miles, and can be spotted wearing a Williams shirt with his brand’s ‘Lose Your Quit’ logo.  He welcomes anyone who wants can run with him to do so and talk along the way.  More information on Cahill can be found at or  He can be reached at