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St. Louis Couple Gets Fooled

Mike Boettge, a half marathon veteran from the St. Louis area, ran his first marathon in Tulsa in 2009.  The My First Marathon medal enticed him to Tulsa, and he loved the race.  He was so impressed with the Williams Route 66 Marathon that he talked his fiancé, Becky Maresca, into running her first half marathon in Tulsa in 2010.

“Becky was a real rookie when it came to running,” Boettge said.  “She is a car freak…and decided she wanted one of those spinning medals.  After much persuading on my part, she entered and finished.”

Boettge and Maresca plan on running the Williams Route 66 Half Marathon again in 2011.  Therefore, their interest was piqued when they received the first newsletter on April 1, 2011.

“I was busy at work, and Becky was sending me bits and pieces of the newsletter through e-mail.  I didn’t have much time to think about it, and when she sent the table of various marathon distances over the years, it looked so legitimate,” he said.

Maresca’s newness to the sport caused her to fall for the faux newsletter, and Boettge said even he, as a veteran, was able to justify the stories in his mind.

“I coveted that My First Marathon medal from the first time I saw it,” he said.  “I kind of thought that maybe Charlie Sheen might want it, too.”

The couple has good memories of Tulsa, and even after the joke, they are excited about running the race again, due to the interesting course and friendly people.

“We were definitely punked, though.  We were definitely punked.” Boettge said.

Thanks to Becky and Mike for sharing their story with fellow runners – both rookies and veterans.