November 22-23, 2014

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Embarrassing story earns runner a free registration

Tim Bade

Tim Bade won a free registration after posting his embarrassing running story on the marathon's facebook wall.

In April, we asked our 3,000-plus fans on facebook, “What’s your most embarrassing running story?” and we’re happy to say our fans did not disappoint.

While there were plenty of embarrassingly funny stories to share, one took the cake and it seemed several of you agreed.

Tim Bade, 22, from Tulsa received 49 “likes” and 13 comments when he posted this story:

At a practice run for the OKC marathon a few weeks ago, it was mile 16 and my legs were tired and I couldn’t hold the urge to poop any longer. I ran over to the edge of this drop off area and squatted behind a tree. Someone on the run ran by and yelled, “You must really have to go!” I yelled back from behind the tree, “This is winning!” Then I hear a car honk and look down the drop off and notice it’s the interstate highway with cars looking straight up at me.

Bade’s embarrassing moment earned him a free registration into the Williams Route 66 Marathon.

Bade has completed three marathons in the past month and one half marathon. His participation in the 2011 Williams Route 66 Marathon will be his first time to participate in the race as a runner.

“I’ve never ran the Route 66 Marathon before, but volunteered last year at the finish line,” said Bade. “I experienced it last year volunteering, so I want to experience it running.”

Bade started running to participate in a 5k, which ignited his passion for running.

“I started distance running because after running a 5k, I wanted more, and it just kept going until I was at marathon distance,” he said. “I also came to the conclusion that there’s no better way to see the world than to do it running marathons because you see stuff that many people will never have the opportunity to see when they just go to landmarks in cities, etc.”

The Tulsan also shares a sense of community pride the Route 66 family of events bring to Tulsa.

“I enjoy that it brings great attention to Tulsa and lets many outsiders realize that Oklahoma is alive and well.”

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