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Featured artist: Dante & the Hawks

Dante & the Hawks will be featured as one of the main stage act at the 2011 Williams Route 66 Marathon. Finishers of the marathon, half marathon and relay will cross the finish line into a world of celebration, hydration and music, thanks to the Hawks.

The Hawks have been performing at live music venues around Tulsa for almost four years and have also been involved in several Williams Route 66 Marathon events. Front man and lead singer Dante Schmitz was featured as an acoustic act at the 2010 pasta dinner at Cain’s Ballroom.

The band’s passion for the sport began in 2007 when Dante Schmitz ran the full marathon and bassist Promo Dave ran the relay.

“It’s amazing to have the opportunity to perform for the runners who cross the finish line because I know just how hard they’ve trained to make it there,” said Schmitz.

Dante & the Hawks have also become involved with other local running events.  Please check out for a calendar of upcoming races and concerts.

As a token of appreciation for the Williams Route 66 Marathon participants, the band would like to offer this free download of Dante & the Hawks new single, “Tonight Tonight,” for runner’s play lists.  Click here for the free song: